Connecting with other hosts is an excellent way to learn and grow. Whether you’re looking for a mentor, a business partner, or just a shoulder to lean on, networking with your fellow hosts can make a big difference to the success of your experience.

Here’s an overview of the activities, tools, and opportunities we’ve created to help you connect with other hosts:

community leaders

Launched last year, this program empowers hosts around the world to connect with each other in their own cities and markets. Here are some initiatives that community leaders have organized recently:

Experience Exchange : Offer experiences to other hosts for free or at a reduced price to boost your reviews and receive helpful feedback

Collaboration between accommodation and experience hosts : events that bring the two groups together for mutual outreach and support

Educational Videos : Tutorials with city-specific tips and tricks

The community leaders program is already active in 56 markets. Want to get involved? Apply to become a community leader .

local events

Community leaders also hold meetings where hosts meet to exchange tips, stories and ideas. Keep an eye on your local Facebook groups and email for invitations to meetings, celebrations and other special events.

Facebook community groups

Don’t have time to connect offline? Your local community’s Facebook group is a great place to meet other hosts, get answers to tough questions, and share your point of view. Find your community group here .

Our first national group has just been launched, so if you’re an Italian host, check out the Host di Esperienze Italiani group .

Live broadcast of the Let’s Talk About Experiences program

Want to hear the latest in the world of experiences and learn from the Airbnb team and top hosts? Don’t miss this bimonthly talk show. Check out previous episodes .

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