The favorite destinations of expats.?

destinations of expats

Each year, the HSBC bank publishes the results of its “Expat Explorer” survey, the objective of which is to determine the preferred destinations of expatriates and this according to numerous criteria. In 2013, this survey collected the opinion of more than 7,000 expatriates spread across the world. Here is some interesting information:

Thailand, a destination coveted by expatriates

In the Top 10 countries where expatriates feel the happiest are 5 Asian countries. For several years now, Asian countries have been particularly appreciated for the quality of life and the ease of integration they offer. And it is Thailand which rises to the top of the ranking. After being considered the best country in which to retire, the Kingdom of Siamhas become the privileged place of welcome for all expatriates. It is true that in addition to a mild climate and magnificent landscapes, Thailand also enjoys a good reputation for the great purchasing power it offers to foreigners. In addition, the latter do not note any particular integration difficulty; a good point that differentiates this country from others such as Russia or Hong Kong.

Countries with great economic potential are also popular

Quality of life is not the only selection criterion for the country of expatriation. The economic possibilities of the host country also have an important place in the process of choosing expatriates. For this aspect, which encompasses household income, purchasing power and savings as well as the economic stability of the country of destination, other countries take the lead in the ranking: Switzerland, China and Qatar are placed in the first three. In fourth place, Thailand still remains in the lead. Young expatriates find their happiness in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). It is true that large multinational companies have also relied on the economic expansion of these countries to increase their activities.

Europe for families with children

The old continent is still a dream destination for those who want to go abroad with their families . Indeed, four European countries are in the top 10 of the countries most appreciated by parents for the education of their children: Germany, France, Belgium and Spain. For HSBC, this success comes from the fact that these countries have a particularly interesting custody structure offering a guarantee of quality while remaining financially accessible. France is also appreciated by retirees because of its great cultural diversity and its economic level. However, it still struggles to position itself in the top 10 of the general ranking of countries preferred by expatriates.

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